Hello!  from Chesapeake Tours and Promotions and welcome to the first entry in my blog! There is a lot to welcome on this 21st day of June 2016. The summer solstice ~ the year’s longest day of daylight. And a full moon to boot last night from my vantage point. I joined a friend in going out into the summer night to enjoy a beautiful peek and to welcome summer. Ahhh…. my favorite time of year! In part because of where I have grown up and continue to live….. the wonderful eastern peninsula of the Chesapeake Bay. Surrounded by bodies of water of all sizes, shapes and forces I just love this region. Flip flops and no heavy jackets, crab feasts after a day of chik n’ neckin and Boardwalk fries, bike rides and beach walks, lightning bugs and night skies. Totally being outdoors! Loving the many ways of getting out on the water or just sitting and watching it as it dances across the ocean in the form of waves coming to shore. Some of my favorite memories of living in the Chesapeake.
This summer I have a new delight to add to my book of memories! A favorite handout on all of our tours is a packet of Black-eyed Susan seeds. Why of course, that is Maryland’s state flower you say! I do this in honor of the work of the Former First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, whose mission as First Lady was to promote beautification of our roadways. Okay, so I’m dating myself. I hope you all are enjoying the planting of your seeds as much as I am. My backyard is amass with a glorious abundance of Black-eyed Susans in bloom! And, no planting was required. Each fall the seeds just blow in the wind and spread throughout my yard. Until, voila, this year a backyard in full bloom! I hope others are enjoying the same and will share their pictures. I just happen to think Lady Bird might be smiling down on us as we thank her for setting the standard, all so many years ago.
“From Behind the Wheel”, because it is another one of my favorite pastimes. On our unique peninsula we may think we have but few roads, but often it isn’t the quantity that matters and in the case of our roads, it is amazing where they can take us. And not to forget the many periods of history these roads wind through. So keep an eye on our website for upcoming trips as we plan new adventures from behind the wheel. Spread the word about Chesapeake Tours with your neighbors, friends, family and coworkers. Daytrips, overnights (more to come), airport shuttles, private hire of the van for personal outings, weddings, you name it; Chesapeake Tours is your local professional tour planner around the Shore and beyond. Check us out at
I hope you enjoy a safe and wonderful summer! And may you spread seeds of beauty and kindness widely and wildly.

And I’ll be seeing ya on the van,


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